Your Boat Therapist.
  • Travel lifts for yachts up to 45 meters and 300 Tons (medium term expansion plan).
  • Lifting of mono hulls, multi hulls, sailing yachts, small barges, jet skis, engines and generator.
  • Lifting onto trailers for road transport, removing arches or adding equipment wherever it is needed.
  • Yachts are high-pressured cleaned and barnacles removed as soon as they are lifted to ensure all the growth is removed before standing our 18,000 Square meter facility (medium term expansion plan).
  • Sewage treatment for the contaminated water through a treatment plant (medium term expansion plan).
  • Cranes are also available for a short lift, if a quick engine or stern drive service is needed, or even for a pressure clean to gain that extra speed for a race or long delivery, where a clean bottom is essential to gain maximum speed and maximum fuel efficiency.
  • Boats up to 44 feet will be lifted out of the water (and launched again) using a specialized forklift capable of taking the boat to virtually any location within our facility (medium term expansion plan).
  • In addition to the travel lifts, a slipway is available for towing boats and Personal water crafts up to 44 feet in and out of the water and for emergency cases.
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